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鬼仔巷 Kwai Chai Hong

Strictly by Invitation | 6:30PM Media Preview "Illuminating Shadows"

Come view the spectacular art installation themed Illuminating Shadows that will change the way you see Light & Shadow! We hope to emit good and positive vibes in people - and change the way we precieve things. Everything CAN BE BEAUTIFUL is we choose to see the beauty in them.

Oops... this SLOT is FULL. Do pick another slot.
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Strictly by Invitation | 6:30PM Media Preview "Illuminating Shadows"
Strictly by Invitation | 6:30PM Media Preview "Illuminating Shadows"

When & Where

2021年10月21日 17:37 – 17:52

鬼仔巷 Kwai Chai Hong, Lorong Panggung, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What to Expect

Come join us to view our art installation themed Everlasting Beauty, showcasing a mix of art installations that commemorates timeless Chinese Art & Culture:

  1. Chinese Floral Design - "Bao Xiang Hua" (寳相花) on Porcelain and more
  2. Traditional Fabric-Dye Factory Display - In collaboration with Epson Malaysia for artistic fabric printing
  3. Old to Gold - An exquisite sculpture made from hundreds of porcelain pieces from repurposed Chinese porcelain bowls, plates, teapots, cups/mugs, and more. This sculpture is designed and hand-sculpted by Alice Chang (Lai Lai Art). Since the success of the Mid-Autumn Jade Rabbit collaboration, we have had 2 artists return to work on additional projects with us already. (Awww.... so much love!)

Get your cameras ready as we take you on a 1-hour journey appreciating Chinese culture and history at Kwai Chai Hong. There are 5 x 1 hour slots to choose from. Each Media/ KOL/ Influencer/ Blogger/ Vlogger/ YouTuber is given an hour with a max of 25 pax each session for a more intimate tour and photo/video session.

This event listing is for the 6:30PM slot. Please RSVP by the 22nd Mar.

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